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Gymnastics Medals

    Personalised 3D Gymnastics Medals

    In My Printing Factory 3D we are specialists in the design and manufacture of custom 3D printed gymnastics medals. We have one of the largest 3D printing farms in USA. We have more than 150 machines to create trophies and custom gymnastics medals or any other theme. All the creations we make from our custom trophies and medals store are unique and exclusive for each client. This means that, from the moment of the call, the customer has the possibility to decide all the characteristics of his personalized medal giving rise to a totally unique and exclusive product that we will turn into reality.

    Why buy customised 3D Gymnastics Medals?

    Since 1984, when Charles Hull invented stereolithography, a process that allows the creation of objects from digital data, there are many areas in which 3D printing comes to the fore. This technology allows us to go from design to prototyping in just a few days, compared to other traditional processes, which means reducing the manufacturing time of our trophies and personalized medals. In addition, the filament is a biodegradable product, so with 3D personalized medals you will be contributing to the care of the environment with a sustainable product.

    Customizable and unique Gymnastics Medals

    There are sports such as gymnastics that do not have in the big catalogs rhythmic gymnastics medals or artistic gymnastics medals. However, thanks to 3D printing and My Printing Factory 3D, we can create a trophy or a personalized medal that faithfully represents the concept of the sport, since we create a unique and exclusive design. Contrary to what people often think, an exclusive design for each client does not imply a higher cost. The customer will only pay for the time we spend on their order and, since we have such a large number of machines, and since the price of filament is lower than other materials, the end result is a personalized and inexpensive gymnastics medal.

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