Hockey Medals

    Personalised 3D Hockey Medals

    Custom hockey medals are a great way to recognize the achievements and skills of players in this exciting sport. At My Printing Factory 3D, we offer a wide selection of custom hockey medals in different designs and styles so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. We achieve this because our 3D field hockey medals are fully customized thanks to 3D printing, no two field hockey medals will ever be the same!

    Why buy customised 3D Hockey Medals?

    3D hockey medals are a great way to recognize effort and success in a variety of situations. They are a unique and original way to celebrate an achievement or special event, and can be customized to suit any need. Field hockey medals are unique and different from traditional medals, as they allow for a great deal of detail in their design. In addition, thanks to 3D printing technology, we can create high quality and highly accurate custom designs. By opting for a custom 3D hockey medal, you will have a unique piece that you can keep forever and that will reflect your personality and achievements.

    Customizable and unique Hockey Medals

    If you’re looking for a way to recognize the effort and success of your field hockey team, 3D custom medals are the perfect choice. Our field hockey medals are customizable and unique, which means you can design them to your liking and have them reflect your team’s personality. You can include elements such as team name, logo, event date, each player’s name and any other details you want to add. Also, being 3D hockey medals, you can add details and textures that you could not get in a traditional medal. All our medals are made with high quality materials, so they can last for a long time. All in all, our 3D custom field hockey medals are a unique and special way to recognize your team’s effort and make the event even more memorable.

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