Custom Medal Detail - Finisher II Intercontinental Race MTB Bea Lion

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    Personalised 3D MTB Medals

    The discipline of MTB or Montain Bike poses great challenges for cyclists, who must face complicated terrain, such as hills, mountains or trails through forests. Our goal is to motivate and reward the participants of this sport with the MTB medals of their dreams. Thanks to our 3D printing technology, in My Printing Factory 3D we design any type of medal, being able to incorporate related elements such as bicycles, wheels or any element related to mountain biking. If you are going to make an enduro, trail, cross-country or downhill competition, contact us!

    Why buy customised 3D MTB Medals?

    3D MTB medals are the perfect way to recognize mountain bike race participants. These unique, personalized medals offer an added dimension to traditional awards, and are a unique way to remember the experience of an exciting race. Why buy 3D MTB medals? Because they will stand out from ordinary medals, allowing you to customize them with high-quality designs and intricate details. Plus, they are sturdy and durable, so you can keep them for many years as a race souvenir. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a unique MTB medal for your upcoming events.

    Customizable and unique MTB Medals

    If you’re passionate about MTB, a custom medal is a great way to recognize your achievements and show your love for the sport. Custom MTB medals are the perfect choice to commemorate your victory and make your achievement even more memorable. Why settle for a boring, generic medal when you can have a unique, personalized one? 3D MTB medals offer a superior design and finish, making them a keepsake that will last a lifetime – make your MTB medal truly unique and personalized!

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