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    Personalised 3D Sailing Medals

    You’ve probably arrived here because you’re looking for where to buy custom 3D sailing medals. Well, you’re in luck because you’ve come to the right place to get them. At My Printing Factory 3D we are a reference in the creation of custom medals nationwide. We have more than 400 3D printers and that has made us one of the largest printing farms in USA.

    Why buy customised 3D Sailing Medals?

    3D printing is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives in more and more areas. Undoubtedly, design is one of the areas that has benefited the most. This technology, in addition to offering the possibility of customizing any type of sailing medal, provides a number of advantages for both the customer and the manufacturer. It is a product that, given its material, greatly reduces manufacturing costs, while its creation is much faster. Medals can be created with a specific functionality and not just an attractive design. Not to mention that it is a sustainable and biodegradable product that contributes to the care of the environment.

    Customizable and unique Sailing Medals

    Although it may seem utopian at first, the customer can acquire personalized sailing medals at an affordable price for all budgets. We work to order and with a material that, unlike others, is much more economical. The customer pays for his design, for his candle medals and for shipping. The budgets, as it happens with the medals, are totally personalized. We adapt to the needs of our customers, achieving a unique, exclusive and innovative personalized sailing medal. There will be no other medal the same or similar. 3D technology allows us to design any idea and turn it into a 3D printed sailing medal. So if you were looking for where to buy a personalized sailing medal, don’t think twice and trust us. We are specialists in trophies for championships and we manufacture them with 3D printing. We have more than 400 3D printers and thanks to this technology we are able to create authentic works of art.

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