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Soccer Medals

    Personalised 3D Soccer Medals

    The most original soccer medals are in My Printing Factory 3D. If you still don’t know how to award the attendees to your event, you can design from scratch your own medals. Thanks to more than 150 printers we are able to customize any medal to adapt it to the maximum for each soccer competition. Our designs are original and exclusive, so your awards ceremony will be completely unique. 3D printing allows us to adapt the medals with the logos, colors and soccer shields of each client. In addition, we can make personalized medals for soccer goalkeepers, tournament medals, pichichis, best defender… as many as you need!

    Why buy customised 3D Soccer Medals?

    Design is one of the great beneficiaries of 3D printing, since in this way, we can capture everything you can imagine in a custom medal. Many soccer players receive hundreds of medals throughout their career, many of them standardized and with unsustainable materials. At My Printing Factory 3D, our 3D soccer medals are fully customizable, even the lanyard can be printed with the colors or crest of your soccer club. Despite the amount of tournaments and soccer events that are held every day, we can reach all of them on time due to the speed of printing. If you want to make your event more sustainable, with 3D custom soccer medals, you will achieve it. Our raw material is Winkle filament, 99% biodegradable, so it is more environmentally friendly.

    Customizable and unique Soccer Medals

    We don’t have a catalog where you can choose a specific soccer medal, quite the opposite. We create the design until each customer is completely satisfied and then we launch it to print. We work to order and with individual and personalized commercial attention. Whether you are looking for soccer medals for goalkeepers, for championships among friends, professionals or soccer tournaments for kids, we will be able to make the design you are imagining, that’s what makes us unique and different.

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