Custom Medal Detail - 5th Islantilla Triathlon 5th Anniversary

Triathlon Medals

    Personalised 3D Triathlon Medals

    My Printing Factory 3D is the best option for the manufacture and sale of fully customized and 3D printed triathlon medals. We have one of the largest 3D printing laboratories, with more than 150 printers to manufacture any trophy or medal that our customers need. Our way of working is based on customer individualization and exclusive design. That is to say, all our designs are made exclusively for each client. We do not have a catalog of triathlon trophies or medals, but we make a new product for each occasion.

    Why buy customised 3D Triathlon Medals?

    Triathlon is one of the sports that is gaining more followers in recent years. The possibility of practicing athletics, cycling and swimming in the same competition is an advantage that, however, does not find triathlon trophies and medals that clearly evoke the union of these three sports in one. That is why the printing of personalized triathlon trophies and medals in 3D is presented as a great ally when it comes to supplying awards to the various tests and competitions that are organized throughout the territory. 3D printing has numerous applications in society. The filament is a material to which multiple characteristics can be added, reducing manufacturing costs and reducing execution times, advantages that have an impact on our customers’ pockets.

    Customizable and unique Triathlon Medals

    We have already told you some of the advantages of 3D printing that make a custom design for a triathlon medal cheap. In My Printing Factory 3D we don’t have the typical catalog where we look for standard models of triathlon medals, we work directly with you. We design your product and send it to print, making you pay only for what you generate. Adding up the whole design and printing process and thanks to our more than 400 3D printers we will get a cheap, personalized and exclusive triathlon medal ready to capture the emotion in another dimension. Buying custom medals at another level is only possible on our website, contact us now to receive a quote for your design.

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