3D QR Code

    Personalized 3D QR codes

    QR codes are the evolution of the barcode. You can create your own custom 3D QR codes to store information without using paper. Whether to create contacts, links, PDFs, WiFi network, events, images or any other idea you can think of. From My Printing Factory 3D we can make all this possible and much more.

    Why buy 3D 3D QR Code?

    Go technological and use customized QR codes in 3D. We have different formats to capture your links and make it as attractive as possible. Forget about having a poster hanging, a menu card or physical cards. Custom QR codes will help you to pollute less and make your data collection more eye-catching. In addition, it can be an element of decoration for your local, restaurant, which favors greater customer interaction with your brand.

    Your 3D QR Code 3D

    Still don’t have your personalized 3D QR code? Do not stay behind and get one of them now. In My Printing Factory 3D we make the design you want 100% customized. In a unique and exclusive way. The QR codes can wear your corporate colors, your logo or that of your partners and you can capture everything you imagine. You will not leave anyone indifferent!

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