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Customized Cardholders

    Personalized 3D cardholders

    Organize your office and get personalized cardholders in 3D. Order and cleanliness is a very important factor to be organized at work and to be able to show your business cards in an attractive way. My Printing Factory 3D‘s cardholders allow you to store your business or corporate cards in any physical space, whether it is an office, fair or exhibition. The customized cardholders can include any logo and corporate colors, according to the cards they will hold.

    Why buy 3D Customized Cardholders?

    Personalized 3D business cardholders are part of the corporate merchandising offer of My Printing Factory 3D, so if you choose them, you can present your cards in a much more visual and attractive way. The purpose of business cards or company cards is that customers know your company, but for that, they have to catch their attention. We can print the most eye-catching, colorful and original personalized business cardholders to present your business cards both in stores and at events.

    Your Customized Cardholders 3D

    Thanks to 3D printing you will be able to show off the most original personalized cardholders in your office or store. We have more than 150 printers capable of producing a large number of cardholders so that they can be present in all your offices, stores or work tables. In addition, 3D printing allows products to be more sustainable because its raw material, the filament, is 99% biodegradable. In this way, customized 3D cardholders will make your company more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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