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Customized Drawer

    Personalized 3D drawer

    Did you know that there is merchandising to present the products of your business? The 3D customized drawers are the perfect product to place envelopes of sausages, ham, cheese… If you have a butcher shop or food store and you want to show your products in an attractive and personalized way, bet on the customized drawers of My Printing Factory 3D.

    Why buy 3D Customized Drawer?

    Customized drawers are manufactured using 3D printing. What is the main feature of this technique? You will be able to adapt the crates to your corporate image, colors and product sizes. It will be the perfect presentation for your sausages, and moreover, sustainable. All this thanks to the raw material with which we make them: 3D filament. It is a 99% biodegradable material made from natural resources such as sugar cane. This way your store will be more respectful with the environment, an aspect that customers value more and more.

    Your Customized Drawer 3D

    My Printing Factory 3D creates your customized drawer in 3D. Just contact us and we will advise you throughout the design and creation process. We have the perfect materials for the ham and sausage to be preserved optimally. Thanks to the personalized boxes, your marketing strategy will see an increase in the number of customers you attract.

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