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Customized Magnets

    Personalized 3D Magnets

    Would you like to print the name of your company, a logo or a specific product on a customized 3D magnet? My Printing Factory 3D is your solution. We are leaders in merchandising for companies and even more in 3D printing. You tell us what and we will tell you how. Each design is unique, so you can make the most original and exclusive gifts. You can choose between different sizes and a wide range of filament colors. We are experts in design and we always provide the best finish on custom magnets.

    Why buy 3D Customized Magnets?

    There are products that triumph and never expire, as is the case of 3D personalized magnets. You can give them as a gift in your company, or for your family and friends. With the possibility of putting them as decoration on magnetic boards, refrigerators, shelves or any other place that has a magnet. If you are looking for the best personalized gifts, My Printing Factory 3D is your best option.

    Your customized 3D magnet

    If you want to stand out and be different, make your own personalized 3D magnet. An ornament that is always on the rise and everyone likes it. Make the usual something bright and peculiar. In My Printing Factory 3D we have a huge experience in the realization of 3D merchandising and therefore, we know how important it is to take care of every detail.

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