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    We ship your customized trophies anywhere in Spain totally free of charge.

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    We design your custom trophies at no extra cost.

    Personalización Trofeos


    We will never repeat the design of a trophy that we have already manufactured.

    Trofeos Respetuosos Medio Ambiente


    We use PLA Winkle filament made from renewable and sustainable resources.

    Plazos de Entrega Trofeos Personalizados

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    We promise that you will receive your order on time, before the date of your event.

    Exclusive Designs: Fully Customized Trophies

    We specialize in custom 3D printed trophies. We have one of the largest printing farms in Spain with over 130 3D printers. Whatever the client’s image, we can turn it into a tangible custom trophy. We guarantee an exclusive design for each client and for each type of event. We take emotion to another dimension. There will be no other trophy like it. Thanks to 3D technology, we have the ability to design any idea and turn it into a 3D printed trophy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    3D printing is becoming increasingly important in more and more areas. Design is undoubtedly one of the areas that has benefited the most. This technology, besides offering the possibility to customize any type of trophy, offers another series of advantages, both for the client and the manufacturer. It is a product that, given its material, greatly reduces manufacturing costs, while its creation is much faster and simpler. Our trophies have an attractive design and are sustainable and biodegradable, so they are environmentally friendly. The personalized trophies you can buy at Mi Pequeña Fábrica bring personality, elegance, and a touch of exclusivity to the event. When it comes to the awards ceremony, these awards will always be remembered.

    The answer is simple: much less than the customer imagines. It is a product that is affordable for all budgets. Unlike other materials, filament is much cheaper and has similar characteristics, but its cost is much lower. Since there is no catalog to choose from, at Mi Pequeña Fábrica we work to order, so there are no additional costs. You pay for your design, your trophy and its delivery, nothing else. Budgets, as well as our trophies, are totally customized according to the needs and characteristics of each client. We adapt to all of them to achieve a unique, exclusive and, above all, innovative custom trophy. We can manufacture any design of custom trophy, in record time and with a budget adapted to each client, we work on request, so no design will be the same from one client to another, it will be your own unique piece.

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