Custom Trophy Detail - Badminton Madrilenian Badminton Federation Club League Champion 2023

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    Personalised 3D Badminton Trophies

    Badminton is a racket sport that can be played either individually or in pairs. The badminton court is rectangular and is divided into two halves by a net. It has been an Olympic sport since 1992, and although it is being played in more and more Western countries, it is still dominated by Chinese, Korean and Indian athletes. It is both an attacking and defensive sport, which requires great agility, strength and precision. To achieve this, badminton players train every day for hours and in competitions they make great efforts to win. At My Printing Factory 3D we reward athletes with personalised 3D badminton trophies and medals. These trophies can be printed with anything you can imagine: a shuttlecock or badminton racket or the corporate colours of the event. Through 3D printing we personalise every detail and allow the trophies to be in line with badminton events.

    Why buy customised 3D Badminton Trophies?

    Do you have a badminton club or organize a competition? We know how important the awards ceremony can be. My Printing Factory 3D makes 100% personalized badminton trophies. Thanks to this, your event can be unique and exclusive for those who attend and participate. The personalized details can make more illusion to those who receive them and in this way they will never forget it.

    We are one of the largest printing farms in USA, and we make custom badminton trophies using 3D printing. Therefore, our trophies will be ready for the date of each event and contribute to the respect and care of the environment.

    Your customisable Badminton Trophies

    Looking to organize a unique and original badminton competition? You are in the right place. Personalized badminton trophies will make your event innovative and surprise your attendees with a personalized award ceremony. We are the first personalized trophies store in USA. The trophies are fully customized thanks to 3D printing, a technique that facilitates sustainability to create more respectful events with the planet.

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