Canary Trophies

    Personalised 3D Canary Trophies

    Canaries are quiet, docile birds that brighten up the house with their sweet song. For this reason, they are the domestic birds par excellence. The domestic canary is a subspecies of birds of the passerine order that descends from the Serinus canaria or wild canary with origin in the Canary Islands. Surely you know someone who has a canary as a pet. If you want to personalize a canary trophy, as a gift or decoration, you will surprise its owner like never before.

    Why buy customised 3D Canary Trophies?

    Thanks to 3D printing, canary tournaments and competitions can now save on costs and delivery time, because in a short period of time you can get custom 3D canary trophies. We do not have a fixed catalog with already designed 3D canary trophies, but our designers create for you a unique trophy from scratch to make them special and exclusive. Every detail can be captured in the trophies and medals: feathers, name of the canary, even include a photograph of a specific canary.

    Your customisable Canary Trophies

    In My Printing Factory 3D we are specialists in 3D canary trophies. If you are looking for a unique and totally personalized trophy, we can make it possible. All our canary trophy designs can be designed from scratch to surprise the recipient for life. You will stand out with your customizable 3D canary trophy on special dates or events!

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