Equestrian Trophies

    Personalised 3D Equestrian Trophies

    Take the leap with custom equestrian trophies from My Printing Factory 3D! We are specialists in 3D printing creating innovative, unique and exclusive designs for equestrian competitions, being able to create detailed and attractive trophies with elements such as the name of the rider, the competition and any detail related to the equestrian world. Dazzle in your equestrian events and competitions with exclusive original equestrian trophies.

    Why buy customised 3D Equestrian Trophies?

    Buying equestrian trophies for competitions and sporting events is no easy task, everything has to fit perfectly, especially the budget. Our custom equestrian trophies fit all budgets. We are able to create anything you can imagine, offering our clients exclusive designs that cover all their needs. The custom trophies are made from a biodegradable material such as 3D printing filament. We work through orders offering an exclusive treatment to each client.

    Your customisable Equestrian Trophies

    If you have arrived here it is because you are probably looking for gifts to give to the participants of your sporting event. In My Printing Factory 3D, we have original gifts such as awards or customizable equestrian trophies for equestrian competitions. Undoubtedly, our specialty are trophies and medals customized with 3D printing, a safe bet to surprise all your attendees. We have more than 400 3D printers, which makes us one of the largest 3D printing farms in USA.

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    How much are the shipping costs?
    Is the equestrian trophy made with sustainable materials?
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    Can I send my own design?
    Can you sublimate my equestrian trophy?

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