Custom Right Side Trophy - 1st Classified of the First Race of the III Copa de la Picona

Greyhound Trophies

    Personalised 3D Greyhound Trophies

    The galgo is a canine breed native to Spain that stands out for its great speed. For this reason, there are numerous competitions and tournaments where galgos are the protagonists. Although historically this breed of dog has always had a great importance in the countryside and as a companion animal, it has been evolving towards a more competitive level. In My Printing Factory 3D we are specialists in sport trophies, and specifically in greyhound trophies for competitions and events. Through printing we are able to capture any detail and faithfully represent the characteristics of a greyhound.

    Why buy customised 3D Greyhound Trophies?

    Looking for personalized greyhound trophies for events or races where these animals are the protagonists? You are in the right store. My Printing Factory 3D is the online store that makes the most original personalized greyhound trophies. If the greyhound events are disruptive, our 3D technology is even more so. Thanks to 3D printing it is possible to produce unique, sustainable and totally exclusive designs. No one will be able to repeat your personalized greyhound trophy and those attending the event will not forget such a special moment.

    Your customisable Greyhound Trophies

    If you want to impress the attendees of your event, personalized greyhound trophies are the best option. My Printing Factory 3D uses 3D printing to make unique 3D greyhound trophies. We start designing the trophies from scratch and then 3D print them. In addition, this technique allows custom greyhound trophies to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly, since its raw material is Winkle filament. In our factory we have more than 400 3D printers, which allows us to reduce costs in the production of dog trophies to arrive on time to all events.

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