Custom Right Side Trophy - Champion XXXV International Hockey Tournament of the Immaculate Conception 2022

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    Personalised 3D Hockey Trophies

    Personalised hockey trophies that triumph. Don’t you know us yet? We are the most original 3D printed hockey trophy shop in USA. Exclusive and personalised hockey trophies, ice hockey trophies, hockey trophies and roller hockey trophies.

    We have 3D printers that allow us to include in your personalized trophy any element you can imagine, contact us!

    Why buy customised 3D Hockey Trophies?

    We design ice hockey trophies from scratch and you may ask: how do we do it? We make customized trophies with 3D technology. We take the emotion to another dimension, because all trophies are special. We manage to create the trophy that you imagine and represents your brand, starting from your logo or the idea you have in mind, that makes your custom ice hockey trophy an exclusive and unique design for you.

    Your customisable Hockey Trophies

    If you have a sporting event or competition coming up and you are looking for field hockey trophies, you are in the right place! In My Printing Factory 3D we have one of the largest printing farms in USA with more than 400 3D printers capable of producing large print runs to save run times, this allows us to create unique, original and personalized designs guaranteeing delivery to make your event a success.

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    Can I send my own design?
    Can you sublimate my hockey trophy?

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