Custom Right Side Trophy - Best Player I Alevín Las Rozas Cup Tournament

Individual Soccer Trophies

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    Personalised 3D Individual Soccer Trophies

    Although soccer is the collective sport par excellence, each player is a key piece for the team. In My Printing Factory 3D we are specialists in soccer trophies, and individual soccer trophies customized in 3D were not going to be less. We have one of the largest printing farms in USA, with more than 400 3D printers, allowing us to create unique and individual designs for each soccer player. We start from scratch with each design, based on the tournament logo or each player’s number. This way, it will be an unforgettable custom trophy for each of them.

    Why buy customised 3D Individual Soccer Trophies?

    Because we have more than 400 3D printers, we can make individual soccer trophies for each team member or tournament participant. This way, they will never forget their matches and will feel rewarded for their efforts. Many times group trophies are given to the team, but why not do it individually for each player? In the end, the team’s achievement depends on each of the soccer players. That is why in My Printing Factory 3D we make individual personalized soccer trophies.

    Your customisable Individual Soccer Trophies

    Unlike other more complex materials that generate much higher costs, the filament allows the price of individual customizable soccer trophies to be fully adapted to the pocket of each club. There is no catalog where you choose a particular soccer trophy without being able to customize it, in fact, it is quite the opposite. In this way, each individual soccer trophy will be personalized to the maximum, being able to include in them the name, number or nickname of the player. The customer orders and we print and post-process. That’s why we offer 100% original and unique 3D personalized individual soccer trophies.

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