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Customized Bottle Rack

    Personalized 3D bottle rack

    A personalized bottle rack in 3D is the perfect solution to organize your bottles of wine, beer, spirits… In My Printing Factory 3D we help you to combine your tastes and company colors to be able to translate it into a bottle rack according to your kitchen, living room or office. Surprise all your relatives, clients and guests exposing your good taste for design and wine.

    Why buy 3D personalized bottle racks?

    In My Printing Factory 3D we make unique and exclusive 3D personalized bottle racks for each client. Make your store or winery something original and innovative. You can design yourself the carrier of the bottles that you are going to show off. On the personalized bottle racks you can capture any of the ideas that crosses your mind; from the family name, the name of your winery or logo. We have more than 400 3D printers capable of making your dreams come true.

    Your Customized Bottle Rackin 3D

    Are you a lover of wine and good taste? Get your personalized 3D wine rack now. By creating the entire design from scratch, you can choose the different widths and heights that best suit your bottles. Don’t get left behind and get ahead of the fashion of the moment. Few are fortunate enough to enjoy a storage marvel of this style. In addition, no one will be able to replicate your design, so the experience of your customers will be unique and totally personalized. The presentation of the products is a plus to make them taste even better.

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