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1st Classified ORC 1-2 Cabo Roig Crossing

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    The Cabo Roig Crossing is a renowned nautical event that brings together passionate sailors in an exciting competition in the waters of the region. The Trophy for the 1st Classified ORC 1-2 Cabo Roig Crossing is a prestigious award that celebrates the skill and commitment of the sailors in this challenging competition.

    My Printing Factory 3D, a leader in 3D printing, is proud to design and produce this emblematic trophy. Every detail of its meticulous design reflects the passion and precision required in sailing. Winning this trophy is an extraordinary achievement that demonstrates the skill and determination of the sailors in their quest for victory.

    The Cabo Roig Crossing is not only a high-level competition, but also a celebration of the nautical community and the love for the sea. The Trophy for the 1st Classified ORC 1-2 symbolizes the camaraderie and sportsmanship that drives the participants in this exciting competition.

    My Printing Factory 3D is proud to be part of the celebration of excellence in sailing and to offer a sailing trophy that represents success in the Cabo Roig Crossing. We congratulate the 1st Classified ORC 1-2 for their outstanding performance in this nautical event and their contribution to the world of sailing.

    Technical data

    Cabo Roig Traverse
    PLA gold, jet blue and glacier white
    White lacquered