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1st place in Mini Couples The Show Box 2023

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    We at My Printing Factory 3D are excited to be able to offer custom trophies to commemorate this very special one. We are looking for our 1st Classified Mini Parejas The Show Box 2023 dance trophy to reflect the importance and excitement of the competition thanks to our 3D printing.

    The 1st Classified Mini Couples The Show Box dance championship is one of the most important and exciting dance events of the year. It is held annually in the city of Barcelona, Spain and brings together some of the best dancers and couples from around the world. During the event, dancers compete in a variety of categories, including Latin dance, ballroom, salsa, tango and many more.

    Judges evaluate competitors based on their technique, style and their ability to communicate the emotion and energy of the music through their movements. The event is a unique opportunity for dancers and couples to showcase their talent and compete on an international level. For many, it is the most important sporting event of their career, and winning a prize in the 1st Ranked Mini Couples The Show Box championship is a great achievement.

    Technical data

    The Show Box
    Glacier white PLA
    Black lacquered
    Base dimensions:
    13 May, 2023