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2nd Classified Mixed Category Strong Race


    In My Printing Factory 3D, we specialize in creating personalized 3D trophies, and we are delighted to present our latest design: the 2nd Place Mixed Category Strong Race Trophy. This impressive trophy is the result of the perfect combination of craftsmanship and technology, and it is the ideal prize to recognize the effort and dedication of the participants in the Strong Race 2023 event, which will take place in Mallorca.

    The 2nd Place Mixed Category Strong Race Trophy from My Printing Factory 3D is a true work of art in 3D. With its unique and personalized design, this trophy captures the essence of the competition and reflects the spirit of overcoming of the participants. Made with high-quality materials, this trophy is resistant and durable, ensuring that it will remain as a special memory for many years.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to reward the winners of Strong Race 2023 with a personalized trophy from My Printing Factory 3D. Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail guarantees that each trophy is unique and special. Make this event an unforgettable experience for the participants and give them a trophy that reflects their achievement in the competition!

    Technical data

    Strong Race 2023
    Jet Black and Glacier White PLA
    Black lacquered
    2 January, 2024