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2nd Place 6th CrossFit InterBox Battles

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    We present to you the custom crossfit trophy for the annual Crossfit InterBox Battles event, which brings together athletes from the fitness world to compete against each other. The event is usually held over a weekend and includes a series of demanding workouts that test the athletes’ strength, endurance and overall fitness. The competition is organized by CrossFit InterBox, a gym dedicated to this demanding sport.

    The gym has hosted the event since 2013, and has grown in popularity over the years, attracting top CrossFit athletes from across the country. Workouts at CrossFit InterBox Battles are designed to be intense and physically demanding, with a focus on functional movements that mimic real-life activities. Athletes are scored based on their performance in each workout, with the top performers advancing to the next round. The final prize this year was our customized trophy fully adapted to the technical specifications we were given.

    The competition is divided into several categories, including individual male and female competitions, as well as team competitions. The top performers in each category receive cash prizes and recognition for their impressive feats of strength and endurance. Overall, CrossFit InterBox Battles is an exciting and challenging event that showcases the athleticism and dedication of the best CrossFit athletes, and where My Printing Factory 3D was able to be present with our custom trophies.

    Technical data

    CrossFit Interbox Battles
    jet black and glacier white PLA