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3D Canary Basketball Academy


    In My Printing Factory 3D, we have created a personalized and spectacular trophy called 3D Canary Basketball Academy, a basketball trophy using the best technology in 3D printing.

    The 3D Canary Basketball Academy is a basketball academy located in the Canary Islands. It aims to provide a comprehensive basketball training program for young players of all ages and levels. The academy offers personalized training, coaching programs, tournaments and basketball camps for players looking to improve and develop their talent in the sport.

    They also offer coaching and sports management services to help players advance their careers and achieve their long-term goals. The 3D Canary Basketball Academy is recognized for its focus on the integral development of players, which includes not only their technical and tactical development, but also their personal and academic development.

    Technical data

    Canarias Basketball Academy
    Glacier white, nemo orange and pacific blue PLA
    White lacquered