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Babidi-Bú Award 2023 Best Book of Love for Animals


    In My Printing Factory 3D, we are proud to present the prestigious Babidi-Boo 2023 Best Book of Love for Animals Award, granted to the company recognized for its exceptional work in the promotion and defense of our four-legged friends. With our recognition plaque delivered in the city of Seville, we highlight the commitment and dedication of those who have created an impactful book that highlights love and care for animals. This award not only celebrates literary quality and creativity, but also honors the important message of protection and connection with nature that the awarded work conveys. This recognition is a tangible testimony of the passion and effort invested in creating a book that touches hearts and promotes positive change in society. We congratulate the winning company of the 2023 Babidi-Boo Award for their exceptional work and valuable contribution to the world of literature and animal defense.

    Technical data

    BABIDI-BÚ Awards 2023
    PLA red devil, glacier white and green macaron
    Black Lacquer
    10 May, 2023