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Balearic Federation of Colombiculture

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    The FederaciĂł Balear de Colombicultura bird trophy is one of the most special personalized trophies we have created in My Printing Factory 3D. Its elegant and original design makes it a unique and unforgettable piece.

    The FederaciĂł Balear de Colombicultura is the entity in charge of managing and promoting the practice of pigeon racing in the Balearic Islands, which consists of the breeding, training and competition of carrier pigeons. This sporting and cultural activity has a long tradition in the islands, where numerous competitions and events related to pigeon racing are held throughout the year.

    The Federació Balear de Colombicultura is a member of the Federación Española de Colombicultura and organizes various competitions and events throughout the year, such as homing pigeon championships, exhibitions and pigeon beauty contests, among others. In addition, it also works in the promotion and dissemination of pigeon fanciers among the population of the islands, encouraging its practice as a sporting and cultural activity of interest.

    Technical data

    Balearic Federation of Colombicultura
    Avocado green, mauve, canary yellow, devil red, jet black and glacier white PLA
    Balearic Islands