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Champion Catalan Federation of Futsal Children’s Indoor Football League

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    The Catalan Futsal Federation organizes the exciting Infant League, a tournament that brings together young futsal talents in Catalonia. The Champion Trophy of this competition is a prestigious award that highlights the dedication and skills of the youth teams participating in this thrilling sports event.

    My Printing Factory 3D, a leader in 3D printing, takes pride in designing and manufacturing the Champion Trophy of the Catalan Futsal Federation Infant League. Every detail of this trophy reflects the passion and sportsmanship that characterize these young players. Its elegant design and exceptional quality make it a work of art that symbolizes effort and excellence in futsal.

    Winning this 3D trophy is an achievement that recognizes the talent and commitment of the youth teams in Catalonia. It is a testament to their hard work and dedication to the sport. The Champion Trophy of the Catalan Futsal Federation Infant League, created by My Printing Factory 3D, is a lasting reminder of the passion for futsal and the promise of a bright future in the sport for these young talents. We congratulate the champion of this trophy for their outstanding performance in the Infant League!

    Technical data

    Catalan Federation of Indoor Football Children's League
    PLA ash gray
    Black lacquered