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Champion Driver Navarre Rally Championship 2022


    The motoring trophy Piloto Campeón Campeonato Navarro de Rallyes 2022, designed and manufactured by us at My Printing Factory 3D, is an example of innovation and the use of cutting-edge technology in the creation of personalized trophies.

    The Champion Driver of the Navarre Rally Championship 2022 is the driver who has obtained the best result in the general classification of the rally championship of the autonomous community of Navarre in Spain. This title recognizes the driver’s ability, skill and talent to drive his rally car and outperform his rivals in a very competitive and demanding environment.

    The Navarre rally championship is made up of several races held throughout the year in different parts of Navarre. The championship is open to drivers from all over Spain and consists of different categories according to the type of vehicle and level of preparation. Each event awards points to the drivers according to their classification, and at the end, the driver with the most points is proclaimed Champion of the Navarre Rally Championship.

    Winning this championship is an achievement for any rally driver, as it requires great preparation and concentration in driving the car in difficult and variable conditions. In addition, the Navarre Rally Championship is known for its high level of competition and the quality of its drivers, which makes it even more demanding and challenging for the participants.

    Technical data

    Navarre Rally Championship
    Gold, devil red and silver PLA
    Black lacquered
    Base dimensions:
    26 November, 2022