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Champion I Edition Ultra Beach League


    At My Printing Factory 3D, our commitment is to provide unique and personalized trophies that capture the essence of each event as our trophy Campió I Edició Ultra Beach League.

    This first edition of the Ultra Beach League in Tarragona promises to be an unforgettable event. The beautiful beaches of the region will provide a breathtaking backdrop for exciting beach volleyball matches. Elite teams will compete fiercely for the title of champion in an exhibition of skill, strategy and sportsmanship.

    The event will bring together athletes and beach volleyball fans in an atmosphere full of energy and excitement. In addition, spectators will enjoy an impressive sporting spectacle, where they will be able to witness the skill and talent of the players as they battle for victory. The Campió I Edició Ultra Beach League volleyball trophy is the most coveted prize that will be awarded to the champion team.

    Technical data

    Ultra Beach League
    PLA Winkle purple and canary yellow
    Black lacquered
    6 May, 2023