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Champion Sub 2000 Individual Quick Chess Championship of Madrid 2022


    The chess trophy Campeón Sub 2000 Campeonato de Madrid de Ajedrez Rápido Individual 2022, designed and manufactured at My Printing Factory 3D, demonstrates how 3D printing can be used to create exceptional and personalized trophies that could not be manufactured by other methods. The Madrid Chess Federation is an organization that is responsible for promoting and encouraging the practice of chess in the Community of Madrid. Among the activities it carries out is the organization of the Madrid Individual Rapid Chess Championship.

    The Madrid Individual Rapid Chess Championship is a competition that is held annually and brings together the best chess players in the Community of Madrid. It is a fast chess modality, in which each player has a limited time to make his moves. The competition is divided into several categories according to the age and level of the players, from the U-8 to the absolute category.

    In each category a separate tournament is played, in which players play against each other in rapid games. The championship is held in several days, which are played in different venues in the Community of Madrid. Each day consists of several rounds of games, and the players accumulate points according to the results obtained. At the end of the competition, the player who has accumulated the most points in his category is proclaimed champion of Madrid individual rapid chess.

    The Madrid Individual Rapid Chess Championship is a very important competition in the Madrid chess calendar, as it allows players to compete at a high level and measure their level of play against other outstanding players in the region. Besides, it is an opportunity to promote the practice of chess and to spread this sport among the society.

    Technical data

    Madrid Chess Federation - Individual Rapid Chess Championship of Madrid
    Jet black, glacier white and gold PLA
    Black lacquered
    Base dimensions:
    4 June, 2022