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Consell Ibiza Swimming


    The creation of the Consell Ibiza Swimming custom trophy is the result of the combination of advanced technology and artistic skill, at My Printing Factory 3D

    The Consell de Ibiza is an institution of the local government of the island of Ibiza, in Spain, which has among its areas of work the promotion of sport and physical activity in the community. In this sense, the Consell de Ibiza has a program of sports activities that includes different disciplines, such as swimming. The Consell de Ibiza promotes the practice of swimming among the inhabitants of the island by organizing swimming courses and classes for all ages and skill levels. These courses are aimed both at people who want to learn to swim and those who want to improve their technique and skills in the water.

    In addition, the Consell de Ibiza organizes various activities and events related to swimming, such as competitions and sporting events, to promote physical activity and healthy living in the community. These activities are an opportunity for local swimmers to compete for our swimming trophies and show their skills and for the inhabitants of the island to enjoy sport and physical activity in a friendly and fun environment.

    Technical data

    Consell Ibiza Swimming
    Gold, jet black and sky blue PLA
    Black lacquered
    Ibiza, Balearic Islands