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Couple Winner First Category Padel NFQ 2023


    From My Printing Factory 3D, we are pleased to present the personalized trophy designed exclusively for the Winning Couple of the First Category of Padel NFQ 2023. This magnificent trophy reflects the dedication and excellence of the champions, encapsulating the essence of the event in Madrid.

    The trophy, meticulously crafted by our team of experts in 3D printing, is a work of art that merges technological innovation with the tradition of recognition. Its unique and personalized design highlights the exceptional achievements of the Winning Couple, incorporating emblematic details from the world of padel. At the event’s climax, the personalized 3D trophy was presented, officially marking the triumph and creating a lasting memory of the victory.

    At My Printing Factory 3D, we take pride in contributing to the recognition of outstanding successes in prestigious events such as Padel NFQ 2023. Our personalized trophies not only witness the dedication and skill of the participants but also represent the quality and craftsmanship that define our company. We are committed to delivering top-notch trophies that reflect the greatness of those who strive for victory.

    Technical data

    NFQ Padel Tournament
    PLA Nemo orange, Diablo red, Winkle purple, Azula light blue and Mahogany
    Black lacquered
    3 June, 2023