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Federation of Paddle of the Balearic Islands FPIB

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    In My Printing Factory 3D, we have put all our knowledge and skill in the creation of the custom trophy Federation of Paddle of the Balearic Islands FPIB to make it a high quality award.

    The Federation of Paddle Tennis of the Balearic Islands (FPIB) is the organization in charge of managing, promoting and developing paddle tennis in the Balearic Islands, Spain. Founded in 2003, the main objective of the FPIB is to promote the practice of paddle in the Balearic community, both at amateur and professional level, motivating them with the triumph of our paddle trophies.

    Among the functions of the Federation of Padel of the Balearic Islands (FPIB), are the organization of competitions, tournaments and events related to padel, the education and training of coaches and referees, the development and updating of the rules and regulations of the discipline, collaboration with other sports entities and the promotion of padel among young people and the general population. In addition, the FPIB is the entity in charge of representing the Balearic Islands in national and international padel competitions and events, and actively collaborates with the Spanish Padel Federation (FEP) in the promotion and development of the sport at a national level.

    Technical data

    Padel Federation of the Balearic Islands
    Devil red, glacier white, canary yellow and mauve PLA
    Black lacquered
    Balearic Islands