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I National Domino Championship Champion Team

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    In My Printing Factory 3D, the personalized trophy I National Domino Championship Champion Team is more than a simple piece of decoration, it is a sign of the commitment and passion we put in every project, as well as the effort of the winners of this domino trophy.

    The National Domino Championship Champion Teams is a sporting competition held in Malaga, Spain and organized by the Spanish Domino Federation (FED). This competition is the most important at national level in the domino teams modality. Teams from different regions of Spain can participate in the championship, after qualifying in the corresponding regional tournaments.

    The format of the competition varies depending on the number of teams registered, but usually consists of a group phase, followed by a knockout phase with quarterfinals, semifinals and final. Each team is made up of two players who compete in pairs, facing other pairs from opposing teams. The matches are played according to the rules established by the FED and are played in several rounds, lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. In addition, dominoes is a game deeply rooted in Spanish culture and is present in many bars and clubs throughout the country.

    Technical data

    I National Domino Championship
    Glacier white and gold PLA
    Black lacquered
    2 April, 2022