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Kings League Shield Saiyans


    At My Printing Factory 3D, we are excited to present the prestigious Kings League Saiyans Shield Award, an accolade that represents passion and talent in the world of football. This outstanding event is an essential part of the Kings League, recognizing teams who have demonstrated competitive spirit and exceptional performance on the field.

    This award is not just recognition, but a living symbol of the effort, dedication and tenacity that teams have exhibited in every match. We celebrate those who have overcome challenges , demonstrated exceptional skills and left a lasting mark on the league.Beyond goals and strategy, this award honors the perseverance and courage that drive teams to greatness on the pitch.

    Technical data

    Kings League
    PLA interference blue, glacier white, banana, krystal amber, nemo orange and devil red
    29 July, 2023
    CĂ­vitas Metropolitano, Madrid