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Runner-up Padelfest by KIA


    Padelfest by KIA is one of the most exciting events in the world of paddle tennis in Spain. This tournament attracts the best players and fans from all over the country to compete in an atmosphere filled with passion for this sport. The Padelfest by KIA Subchampion Trophy is an award that celebrates the hard work and talent of the finalists.

    My Printing Factory 3D, a leader in 3D printing, is proud to design and produce this exceptional trophy. Every detail of its meticulous design reflects the passion and skill that paddle tennis players demonstrate on the court. Winning the Subchampion title at Padelfest by KIA is a remarkable achievement that showcases the ability and commitment of the finalists in this dynamic sport.

    This tournament is not only a high-level competition, but also a celebration of the paddle tennis player community. The Padelfest by KIA Subchampion Trophy is a symbol of the camaraderie and passion that surrounds this sport.

    My Printing Factory 3D is proud to be part of the celebration of excellence in paddle tennis and to provide a trophy that represents success at Padelfest by KIA.

    Technical data

    Padelfest by KIA
    PLA jet black, devil red and ash gray
    Black lacquered