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XXV International Tournament Villa de Iscar ACLB


    Our basketball trophy XXV International Tournament Villa de Iscar ACLB of My Printing Factory 3D is a personalized and elegant trophy that allows you to recognize your collaborators in a unique and lasting way. The Villa de Iscar International Tournament is a basketball event held every year in Iscar, a town in the province of Valladolid.

    The tournament has become one of the most important basketball events in the province of Valladolid and counts with the participation of national and international teams. The first edition of the tournament was held in 1997 and since then it has counted with the participation of high level teams, including teams from the Spanish ACB League. In addition, the tournament is also attended by teams from other countries, making it an international event.

    The tournament is divided into several categories, from the youngest to the senior men’s and women’s teams. Teams compete in knockout matches, with the winners advancing to the next round. The final is held on the last day of the tournament and the winning team receives the Villa de Iscar International Tournament trophy. The tournament is organized by the Iscar City Council and is supported by various companies and sponsors. In addition, the tournament also has a series of parallel activities, such as three-point and slam dunk contests, dance exhibitions and musical performances.

    Technical data

    XXV Villa de Iscar International Tournament
    Nemo orange and jet black PLA
    White lacquered
    Íscar, Valladolid