Custom Right Side Medal - The Isolé Borau-Pirineos 2022

Cycling Medals

    Personalised 3D Cycling Medals

    Cycling has evolved over the years thanks to the technology available and the changes in the types of bicycles, the same goes for trophies, as a personalized 3D printed cycling medal was unthinkable until relatively recently. We have hundreds of printers to create unforgettable and unique medals for cycling championships. In our vision as a company, we have left catalogs aside because each customer is a new project, each medal is unique and has a design from scratch.

    Why buy customised 3D Cycling Medals?

    Each of the medals we design are unique, 100% original and exclusive for each client. Thanks to our creative department, we create spectacular designs, bringing to life almost any idea you want to capture in a cycling medal. Personalized medals have gone to the next level thanks to 3D printing. At My Little Factory, we offer 3D custom cycling medals that can be designed to our customers’ exact specifications. From logo design to name and number engraving, our unique custom 3D cycling medal is the perfect choice for any competitor looking for a special way to commemorate their achievements and successes.

    Customizable and unique Cycling Medals

    Thanks to this new technology we can create the most accurate designs and create medals never seen before to capture the spirit of each club, competition or award where these gifts are given. Get your customizable cycling medal now!

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    Is the cycling medal made with sustainable materials?
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