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Equestrian Medals

    Personalised 3D Equestrian Medals

    The 3D equestrian medals are a unique and exciting way to recognize the efforts of riders and horsewomen in equestrian competitions and tournaments. In My Printing Factory 3D we design custom medals from any idea that is provided to us, being able to capture any detail related to horse riding, such as saddles, jumps or the horses themselves, all thanks to our impressive 3D technology. In addition, we sublimate on the back of the medal everything related to the event: name of the winning rider, the date of the event or the name of the competition.

    Why buy customised 3D Equestrian Medals?

    Why buy 3D equestrian medals? 3D medals are an excellent choice for awarding participants of equestrian competitions. Custom 3D medals can be designed in any shape, size and detail. Some 3D equestrian medal companies offer unique, custom designs, which means you can have a medal that no one else will have. In addition, the quality of 3D medals is exceptional, making them a lasting keepsake. If you want your competitors to take home a unique, high-quality medal, equestrian medals are the perfect choice.

    Customizable and unique Equestrian Medals

    3D equestrian medals are a great way to award riders and horses at equestrian competitions and events. Why settle for generic medals when you can have a unique, personalized equestrian medal that reflects your style and accomplishments in the sport? 3D medals allow for a level of detail and customization that traditional medals can’t match. From the design of the horse to the shape and custom engraving, your equestrian medal will be truly unique. In addition, 3D printing technology makes it possible to produce high quality, durable 3D equestrian medals – make your awards truly memorable with a unique, customized equestrian medal!

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