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Customized Lanyard

    Personalized lanyards

    Do you know what lanyards are? They are fabric lanyards with which you can hang ID cards, press passes, ID cards and even… 3D printed medals! In My Printing Factory 3D you can find personalized sports lanyards, as well as lanyards for events, fairs, concerts or congresses. The lanyards help your event look more professional and can be visually identified in an easier way.

    Why buy Personalized Lanyards?

    Because personalized lanyards are a key element when organizing an event. They can be used to hang different cards and documents, even cell phones or code readers for tickets. Our lanyards are fully customized, and besides being able to choose the color, you can also choose the print: logos, phrases, slogans… anything you can imagine on your medal lanyards.

    Your Customized Lanyard

    Corporate merchandising is a powerful marketing tool for your events. If you want your lanyards to be personalized, contact My Printing Factory 3D. We are the store where you can find all the necessary products for your event and for the organizers and participants to identify with your brand. In addition, we will advise you in a personal way and adapt each product to your event to make it perfect and remembered by all attendees.

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